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• SHINDIG SHOW: Sat August 8th, 6pm PST, Tickets here

Lindsey as promo code gets $5 off & registers you as my guest!

• BURBANK COMEDY FESTIVAL: "Chicks with Shticks": Mon August 10, 5:30pm PST,

      -Emcee: Reem Hassani (one of my faves!)
== TAO OF COMEDY: longest! 15 minute set: Sat Aug 15, 8pm PST ==
• BURBANK COMEDY FESTIVAL: "Wittiest Women" Mainroom show: Tues August 18th, 9pm

Flappers | Shindig Show

Flappers is an iconic comedy club in the heart of Burbank, CA just outside of LA

Upcoming Shows:

Jimmy Shin has been doing standup comedy and organizing shows for over a decade. Check out his 1-hr special Wok of Shame on Amazon 


Lindsey is herself

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Flappers comedy club 8/1/20

Shindig Show 7/25/20 better audio

Last Live Standup Before Quarantine 3/20

Shindig Show 7/25/20

Shindig Show 6/14/20 better audio

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Lindsey Loon is herself

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A recent live show:

3/20 (see Zoom for more recent)

A Flappers Favorite!

Nov 2019

Lindsey's Story

Lindsey Loon laughs. Sometimes others join her. She spent about 10 years running around overseas in Australia, NZ and Japan. She graduated from Yale and Melbourne Uni, and she's running around California now. Mostly LA, mostly without running into anything. You may catch her performing at Flappers, The Comedy Store, or the Dojo at Sycamore Tavern! Or you may miss her. Run and see. 

The Comedy Store |  Flappers | The Dojo

First Ever Standup! 

2018, Los Angeles 

The relationship status:

June 2019

Your breakup friend:

Oct 2019

Good enough guy:

Oct 2019

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Exes: The Relationship Status 


6/13/20 original quality

5/15/20 Flappers Comedy Club, LA

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Newest! 6/21/20 

Flappers Comedy Club, LA

6/13/20 better audio



Jump around! Original music...

Music video!

Filmed in Western Australia 

written/sung/produced/co-directed by Lindsey Loon

Cinematography by Laura Weinstein

Hear it live in Australia & New Zealand!

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